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Watch Rihanna Perform at the VMAs Because You Need Something to Talk About Tomorrow at Work


The VMAs are tonight, baby. That means there will be countless tiny little astronauts handed out to lots of celebrities and lots of Must See TV™ moments. Here's the first one. It's Rihanna performing, and so, obviously, it's sick as hell. Are you still reading this? Probably not, but if you are, you should know that Rihanna—she's one of our favorites. We love putting her music on when we hang out with our friends. It's always a party! So anyway, to the reader who somehow made this more than two sentences in to this blog post, here's the performance. Click play now. Enjoy it. Rihanna is punk as shit. You're probably gonna be mad at us for saying that.


.@rihanna just lit the place on

badgalriri comes out to play in @rihanna’s second #VMA performance of the night

— MTV (@MTV)

August 29, 2016