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Gross Jar: The Second Coming

We're bringing back the disgusting mess of shit just in time for Easter.

Dalston Superstars isn't the only thing we're reviving this week. We've also decided to bring back the fabled Gross Jar just in time for Easter, like some kind of gross Christ.

Long-time readers might remember the Gross Jar, but if you're a newer reader who isn't very good at working stuff out, here's a break down of the concept: We take gross stuff, and put it in a jar.

Nobody seems to remember why we stopped doing it, or what happened to any of the ten or so gross jars we had dotted around the globe. I assume we either got bored of it, or too grossed out, or a combination of the two. Maybe they're still locked away in some forgotten cupboard somewhere, filling an office with mystery stink.


Here are some pictures I was able to find of old gross jars. They contained stuff like dreadlocks, cum, period blood, facial scabs, dead pigeons, cockroaches, vomit – ya know, gross stuff. Gross stuff people wouldn't usually put inside jars for safe keeping.

And here is a photo of someone sitting on the roof of the US office wearing a shirt that has been tie-dyed in gross-jar fluid.

Anyway, this is a jar I found in one of our edit suites the other day that is going to become the new gross jar. I'm not sure why someone was eating a jumbo jar of mixed Polish vegetable sewage in brine in our office, but I'm going to leave them in to get the ball rolling.

You might be thinking that this jar doesn't seem large enough to hold too much gross stuff, and I agree. I was going to buy a bigger jar, but then started thinking how funny it would be to make someone (ie an intern who hasn't been hired yet) transfer it from this jar into a larger one when the grossness outgrows its tiny, Polish womb.

Leave suggestions for gross stuff in the comments below. We'll be adding the best suggestions over the next couple of weeks. If it's any kind of bodily fluid, we've probably already thought of it, so try to be creative. Best suggestion wins the opportunity to visit our office and sniff the jar.

Good luck.

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