Norwich Is a Paradise


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Norwich Is a Paradise

Especially when you're spilling blood and booze on the Prince of Wales Road.

On family holidays, I had the pleasure of experiencing Norwich's impressive historic sites, coastal appendages and low crime-rate long before I began studying there. Later, in my high teens, I lost sight of its quaintness in the dark.

You get the best of the nightlife in this "fine city" as a student but, with coursework and fuck-will-I-ever-find-a-career stress, things only really get going when you're off your face under some lasers somewhere. Norwich features around 20 nightclubs along the Malaga-esque Prince of Wales Road, which - apart from the strip clubs - change their face every year due to competition, bloody fights and lawsuits. The road accounts for 60 percent of reported violence in the whole of the city.


Unless you're passionate about the charts, the 90s output of Will Smith or dressing as a zoo animal, the best night you'll have is outside in the smoking areas, bumping into fellow students you recognise, playing degrees of separation until you find a house party to crash. Hope they're selling hash or canisters and you've got a cracking night.

If not, then at least you're not stuck in halls being pressured by lads to drink 30cl of vodka before the taxis arrive.

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