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Talking about 'Boyhood' with Richard Linklater

Discussing the inspiration behind his new film.

Richard Linklater is the filmmaker behind some of indie film’s preeminent classics. His early break throughs, Slacker (1991) and Dazed and Confused (1993), captured and defined our generation more genuinely than had been done before, and perhaps since.

On Tuesday, VICE Senior Editor Benjamin Shapiro conducted a Q&A with Linklater at Nitehawk Cinema in New York, along with an advance screening of Boyhood, his latest project. The film is true to Linklater form in its exploration of the nuances of youth and life, and was ambitiously shot over 12 years, following the upbringing of a boy from the age of six until his high school graduation.

In this episode of VICE Meets, Reihan Salam and Linklater discuss the inspiration behind the film and his career. It also includes behind-the-scenes footage from throughout the film’s production.