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Question Of The Day

Did You Get Lucky Last Night?

They would have had a group wank, but there weren't enough hands.

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Whether you’re single or coupled up, the chances of you getting laid on Valentine’s Day are surely higher than normal. If you’re single, chances are you’ll go out, get trashed and have a humiliating and soul-destroying one-night stand with a fellow drunk singleton. If you’re in a relationship, the pressure’s on to don some trashy underwear from Ann Summers and give your partner the best night of their (largely otherwise sexless) lives.


So, who got lucky last night?

Will, 22.

VICE: It was Valentine’s Day yesterday. Did you get lucky last night?

Will: I don’t like to kiss and tell I’m afraid, but my girlfriend knows.

Are you a cheesy, rose petals on the bed kind of guy?

No, but I got her roses. And I cooked her dinner.

Tom, 26 (left) and Patrick, 23.

VICE: Did you guys get lucky last night?

Patrick: No.

Tom: Yes.


Tom: My boyfriend, Alex.

Was it good? Was it romantic?

Tom: Yes and yes! I’m quite a cheesy boyfriend. Then we went to a cheap Turkish restaurant in Stoke Newington.

Sounds perfect. What did you do, then?

Patrick: Stayed in with my flatmates. We drank. That’s about it.

Did you not have a teary group wank or something?

Patrick: We would have, but we decided not to in the end. There weren’t enough hands, really.

Klaus, 31.

VICE: Did you get lucky last night?

Klaus: Well, I’m from Denmark, and we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So you didn’t have sex with anyone.

No, I didn’t. I played a gig. It was a warm-up gig for I Blame Coco.

So you didn't have sex with anyone because you were busy warming people up for Sting's daughter?

Yes, that is correct.

Well I hope that everyone enjoyed Sting's daughter very, very much.

Ruby (left) and Grace, both 19.

VICE: It was Valentine’s Day yesterday – did you guys get lucky last night?

Ruby: Fuckin’ no.

Grace: No. We stayed in together.

Ruby: I’m celibate, so…

You’re celibate? Why?

Ruby: Because I can’t be bothered.

Grace: We went to a Valentine’s Day rave. We were out of our nut all day, so…

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