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Meet the Nieratkos: Big Elvis

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Generally, From the Pages of Vice features content from the magazine after it's been published. But I am part Polish and so very giddy over my interview with Pete Vallee, aka Big Elvis, the 550-pound Elvis singer from Vegas, that I just had to share these videos I shot of him yesterday. Full interview in Vice in a month.

On Easter Sunday I kissed my family good bye and boarded a plane to California for a week long Vans Am skate trip from LA to Vegas to Phoenix. For more go to


We are currently in Las Vegas. I am witnessing some of the gnarliest skating I’ve ever seen first hand.

Anti Hero’s Chris Pfanner is from Austria and is easily my new favorite human (and it’s not just because of his puffy afro.) Watch these videos for the proof.

Yesterday I had to leave the team to go to Harrah’s and interview one of my favorite dudes ever: Big Elvis. As said, the full interview will appear in the next Vice but I’ll give you the jist: At 550 pounds, Big Elvis has already LOST 500 pounds in the past 3 years and he has conclusive DNA proof that he is the son of Elvis.

In the meantime enjoy these videos of Big Elvis belting out the hits.

Big Elvis plays at 3 shows a day, Monday through Friday at Harrah’s on the Vegas Strip.

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