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Pucker Up and Watch Danish Romance Punks The Entrepreneurs' Tenderly Gory New Video

The Copenhagen three-piece have served up a bloody feast of love, sin, and glorious noise in their new "Ombre" video.

Shocking people in 2016 is really hard. Getting people's attention is even harder. Considering Gen Y's basic introduction to pop culture now includes force-fed exposure to wonderfully twisted and deranged shit like 2girls1cup and the tragic, horsecock-based demise of Mr.Hands (links purposely not included, it's Monday, people, jeez. Google at your own peril)​, it's just a little trickier to combine context with graphic imagery and actually stir up some kind of emotional response in the average media-binger.


In the latest OMG-I-Can't-Look-Away News, Copenhagen noise-rockers The Entrepreneurs​ have seen fit to bless us with this wonderfully lewd new video, directed by Jesper Dalgaard. "When Jesper presented the idea to us, I was very touched. I think it's a really beautiful way to showcase love," says guitar man Anders Hvass about the "Ombre" video, in which two elderly gentlemen basically enjoy a blood-drenched make-out sesh to the tune of the three-piece's latest noise rock anthem.​ "The thought behind (the video) is that it supports our universe by showing both the beauty and the intensity of love."

"Ombre" is from The Entrepreneurs' critically acclaimed​ debut EP 'Tony Rominger' that dropped back in spring. It's soaring, uncompromising rock and roll, with lead singer Mathias Bertelsen providing a vocal vastness that could also work with a more synth-laden, dream poppy backdrop​ – if to a radically different degree of sonic satisfaction. But coupled with the naughty noise-guitars and unrelenting drums of The Entrepreneurs, it becomes the unique brand of romantic punk that has warranted the three long-haired Danish gentlemen's appearance at back-to-back Roskilde Festivals, and cemented them as one of the more exciting acts to keep tabs on in Danish rock. ​

Bloody up your Monday with a little love (actually, a lot. A lot of explicitly graphic love), and check out the new "Ombre" video here:

​You can catch The Entrepreneurs live on their Danish tour here:

September 30th - Studenterhuset, Aalborg
October 1st - Pitstop, Kolding
October 6th - Posten, Odense
October 7th - Radar, Aarhus
October 14th - Loppen – Christiania, Copenhagen