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Awww-SOME! Kim Kardashian West Made a Playlist of Her Favourite Kanye Songs

Sadly, "Awesome" is not on it.

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Apparently, no one is a bigger Kanye fan than Kim Kardashian. I mean, wouldn't you want to be in a relationship where there is a mutual support of each person's work, no matter how daffy it is? So, in celebration of the Saint Pablo tour, Kim shared a handpicked playlist of the Kanye material that is nearest and dearest to her heart. Cute! However, Kim as selector is a huge moment and since we at Noisey are critical of all that emerges from the gilded, tanned maw of Calabasas, we must judge. Leggo:

Kim has "HAM" as the first song on this mix which must mean she uses it as an extremely hype alarm clock and is also one of the few people who remembers that song existing in the first place. "Bound 2" and "Only One" are on here as sentimental picks, natch. Kim seems to really like 808s and Heartbreak, as the four songs she picked from it include album tracks like "Say You Will" and "Robocop," both of which are really, really great but that probably doesn't need be reinforced at this point. "Awesome," Kanye's open-hearted and extremely schmaltzy ode to Kim, is not on this playlist, and neither is the much better "White Dress" from the Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack. Did anyone see that movie? Why wasn't this playlist on Tidal? These are the kinds of questions deserving of something with more weight than a fairly standard promotional playlist by one of the most famous people in the world. Anyway, listen to Kim's "My Fave Kanye Songs" below.

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