They make the best burger in Brooklyn that you can order at 2AM.

apr 12 2013, 8:18am

Walter Foods in Williamsburg, or its sister restaurant, Walter's in Fort Greene are basically the best restaurant option for a late date to in Brooklyn. Their French dip is, like, mmm-oh-shit-oh-shit, and the burger is all fuck-fuck-fuck. The wings are amazing, too. And good news for lovebirds: the owners have said on camera (our camera!) that they don't mind too much when people make out at their restaurant. That's the vibe they've created – their food and ambience make you want to give someone the business.

For this episode of Munchies, we went out with Dylan Dodd and Danny Minch, the owners of Walter Foods and Walter's, and a few friends for sushi, Italian, bourbon, tequila and meatball sandwiches. Enjoy!

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