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Watch Hinds’ Mega Extra Cool but Also Very Violent Animated Video for “Bamboo”

They’ve announced a deluxe release of ‘Leave Me Alone’ as well.

After making one of 2016's most entertaining pop records in Leave Me Alone, Spanish quartet Hinds released a couple of brilliantly odd videos, one after the other. Things got messy on "Easy​" with a glut of mascara and spaghetti while "Warts​" embraced the surreal and, quickly, the lushly violent. And that was after the October 2015 release of "Garden​" with its immersive shots-within-shots.

Today they returned with the official video for "Bamboo," animated by Laurina Paperina​. As ever, what starts out as a charmingly naive clip turns catastrophically violent within seconds. By the time the band's avatars have de-horned a unicorn and left it to bleed out, the whole thing has started to twist into focus. And, as ever, the band's seemingly unassuming lo-fi major chords back it all up with enough of a careful grin to drag the viewer in.

The band have also announced that they'll release a deluxe edition of Leave Me Alone on October 28. You can check out the tracklist below but first you should probably read the band's statement on the previously unreleased tracks that made it onto this new version:

"Hi! we are Ade, Amber, Ana and Carlotta and this is HINDS. Our first ever album is called leave me alone but this is the deluxe edition. So you can listen to songs you might not know we had and demos recorded with a cellphone.

About the demos, first of all, they are not demos. But we couldn't find the correct way to call them. They NEVER were thought to be shown to the world. While we are writing we record ourselves with our cellphones so we can listen to it again on the bus or wherever and we think new ideas and how to make the song better.

ALL OF THE DEMOS we've chose happened when the song was just born, so we are making up English (?) words, or hardly reading the notebook while trying to remember the chords and the structure.

But mysteriously, even thou[gh] all this shit, we love them. 'Cause they take us exactly to the moment we wrote them. Like a time machine. And we seriously hope this magic happens to you too and brings you to drink sangria at 1am sitting on a carpet with us".

Leave Me Alone
1. Garden
2. Fat Calmed Kiddos
3. Warts
4. Easy
5. Castigadas En El Granero
6. Solar Gap
7. Chili Town
8. Bamboo
9. San Diego
10. And I Will Send Your Flowers Back
11. I'll Be Your Man
12. Walking Home

+ Deluxe edition
1. Holograma (Los Nasty's cover)
2. When It Comes To You (Dead Ghosts cover)
3. Castigadas en el Granero (BARN)
4. Between Cans (BARN)
5. Trippy Gum
6. Davey Crockett (The Headcoats cover)
7. Whiskey (Demo) (unreleased song 11-Jan-2014)
8. Walking Home (Demo) (16-April-2015)
9. San Diego (Demo) (6-August-2014)
10. Fat Calmed Kiddos (Demo) (24-May-2014)
11. Chili Town (Demo) (28-Feb-2015 )
12. Castigadas en el Granero (8-bit)

You can see the band on tour across the US this month, too, before they head out to Europe in November. Check out the dates here​ and read our interview with Hinds right here​.

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