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Fashion Tidbits Roundup

These Rodarte Vans Are Just Perfect for a Fashion Intern

You can stamp models' horrible little dogs to death with them.

A weekly roundup of anything fashion-related that's made us excited about having bodies that we can dress with clothes. FASHION INTERN ADVICE

(it's nothing like this, basically.)

There are a lot of fashion intern advice pieces floating around the internet today, so I thought I'd pitch in with some of my own. Things that are required of fashion interns at big publications: endless parental funding, endless free time, endless patience to ride around in cabs which will contain ONLY shoes and no people, an encyclopaedic knowledge of entirely useless information like denim styles, hairdressers in Knightsbridge and models' dogs' names.


As fashion intern, it is your duty to be awkward for the entire duration of a 13-hour shoot during which you eat half a fruit muffin (wtf) and then stay two hours after everyone else to help the alchoholic stylist wrap every single item of child-manufactured clothing in tissue paper. Expect: to get fired for sending an email to the wrong Anna, for accidentally swearing in front of the editor, or for coming to work hungover and rolling your eyes at your "boss". Categorically do not expect: a job, a reference, any acknowledgement whatsoever from any of the team outside of the office doors, to be allowed to touch a model's dog. It's SO great!


Everybody knows WAH nails have the best nail art, best manicures, best looking salons and (by a long shot) best chat. As of this week, there are now even more opportunites for you to get your square tip French mani (just me?) in good company, thanks to a Boxpark pop-up nail bar just by Shoreditch High Street station. Whether it's acrylics, nail pens or just general therapy you require, WAH's got you. Personally, I'm a fan of hanging around at the back of their salons for hours trying to overhear life advice. It's better than TV. I suggest you do the same.


I know, normally everything going on in the US is totally depressing and boring, but sometimes something good-looking comes along and you have to give them credit for being amazingly superficial, clean and shallow. No, I'm not talking about Lindsay Lohan the best looking human on the planet, I'm referring to this custom pair of Vans slip-ons designed by the sisters behind cult fashion label Rodarte – Laura and Kate Mulleavy.


As part of a nationwide initiative for high-school students, the Rodarte sneakers were donated in support of the Vans Custom Culture competition, which awards one lucky kid $50,000 to put towards their high school art programme. If there's anything I wanted as a Princess Diaries and Slipknot loving high schooler (I was confused…) it would have been diamante Rodarte Vans. Someone pass me a glue-gun.


Evidently James enjoyed filming this Gucci commercial so much that he decided he would just go ahead and produce a full-blown feature-length documentary about the fashion house, called The Director. The film, which is now finished, is set to preview at the Tribeca film festival, because it's a real film, remember? It follows the brand's creative director Frida Giannini doing loads of fascinating fashion stuff for an 18-month period, not unlike what the directors of Lagerfeld: Confidential did for Chanel. If this film is anything like that film – which FYI I'm guessing it won't be, because Giannini doesn't set his fashion shows on imported glaciers or publicly call Adele "too fat" – it's going to be amazing.

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