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The Natives Issue

Top One Nice One

Inbetween the hordes of urchins parading around in Dick Van Dyke’s hand-me-downs, crowding new British music like Fagin’s gang, it’s easy to lose sight of one Britain’s most authentic musical institutions: rave.

Photo by Pegah Farahmand

Vice: You look like a complete bunch of tossers. What the fuck are you playing at? Jamie: We’re doing it purely as a nostalgia thing. I can only hope that people who were into rave at the same time can get into our band. Hopefully everyone doesn’t think that it’s a complete load of bullshit. James: People can ridicule us all they want. I’ve been listening to happy hardcore since I was 8 years old and for me that kind of music isn’t just a passing fad, it’s a way of life. Simon: I remember going to the youth club, drinking Coca-Cola, listening to DJ Slipmatt tapes and feeling fucked out of my brains. I wasn’t old enough to go to raves. To me it was the most incredibly euphoric thing, because I couldn’t actually be there. That was the most inspirational thing about it.

Have fun while it lasts, eh guys? Simon: Well actually we’ve got 26 interlinking albums planned. Three of them are written. We’ve got a long way to go.

Don’t lie. Jamie: Okay, we’ve only got about five songs and we’ve only played two gigs. But people are catching on really quick. It’s scary.

I see you’ve got a myspace band page like everyone who’s anyone these days. Got any interesting “friends”? Jamie: Not yet, although someone told us that one of the guys who was on Space Cadets signed up. All the people that have heard us through myspace are people we already had some connection with. Sorry.

Klaxons play The Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A on Wednesday, January 25. Check for more.