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The Spoooooooooooooky Issue

Fingerblasting in the Forest

Ever get your cock deep-throated by a bearded guy on a nature trail?

Ever get your cock deep-throated by a bearded guy on a nature trail? How about your asshole diddled by a daddy who likes discreet dalliances under the ol’ Douglas fir tree? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are you’re a homosexual floozy on the prowl for public sex. In other words, a true-blue cruiser on a heat-seeking dick mission. And while we salute you for it, by God we don’t want to go anywhere near where it takes place. We could, however, be persuaded to look at pictures if a competent photographer compiled them in book form. Luckily, Chad States has made it possible for everyone to gawk at two grown men grunting like that guy who fucks the other guy in Deliverance, except in this case both (or all three!) very badly want to oink like pigs. Cruising is a voyeuristic journey into the secret world of anonymous guy-to-guy intimacy. The way Chad uses light, foliage, and composition makes Cruising (which he describes as a “love story”) weirdly romantic, despite it feeling like a version of Where’s Waldo with Waldo replaced by hairy men with boners lurking in the bushes. It’s great, trust us, and you can roll around in the dirt with 100 pages of these pickle-smoochers when Cruising hits the streets this November from powerHouse Books. You can read about Chad’s experiences creeping through the woods with a camera in an interview on later this month.
Images from Cruising by Chad States, published by powerHouse Books