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Our Favourite New Comedian Just Made a New Video

Watch it and you'll never have any regrets, ever again.

They don't teach you about regrets at school, probably because you don't tend to have any when you're a very small child. Nevertheless, it seems strange that we are left instead to blunder ignorantly into adulthood, wondering what to do with all the regrets we're accumulating, totting up therapy bills, creating vast amounts of art entirely devoted to our regrets, and buying alcoholic drinks to drown them in.

This is a sorry state of affairs but it no longer needs to be the case, as our favourite new comedian, Johnny White, has just made a new video – the first in a new series – in which he first considers and then explains the concept of regret for you in just under two and a half minutes.

Watch it and have no regrets ever again – think of all that time and money you'll save.

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