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The Girls Issue

Vice Fashion - Hey! Girls At The Klaxons Concert! What Happened When The Show Was Over?

Photos by Taz Darling, Styling by Aldene Johnson

PHOTOS: Taz Darling
STYLIST: Aldene Johnson

Maria wear top by Chilli Pepper, shorts by Lee, tights by Topshop and shoes by Draven

Betty wears top by Killah, unitard model’s own, shoes by Pointer


The day after the gig I found myself covered in bruises all down my leg. My clothes had a strong smell of the liquid from inside the glow sticks, along with weed, alcohol and cigarettes. My boyfriend came round to see how my night went and I kept bitching about how Kieran would not give me the pictures from the night, so we both blackmailed him saying if he didn’t give us the pictures we would break the tripod of his camera. I slept for the rest of the day as I was still fucked up. Ugh.


Betty: I tumbled out of the club still stroking the piece of moss which I had found dying in a plant pot inside. I christened the piece of moss “Kate”. Then I got on the bus with about ten friends, being careful to sit by the door so the moss could breathe and we travelled back home, getting some more booze on the way. When we got back I put the moss on a plate next to my bed and joined the others in the basement for more fun and games. Finally passed out around midday. When I woke up I watched Home Alone 2 with Kerry then went to the Chinese chicken shop for some food.

Lizzie (left) wears dress and shoes from a vintage shop. Louise wears top and leggings by Topshop

Lou wears top by Alpine Stars, skirt model’s own, braces by Urban Outfitters and shoes by Office. Customised octopus necklace available at Emma wears dress by Ruth Tarvydas, jeans by Nikita, necklace by We Love Fine and shoes by Vagabond


I left early because my shoes were making me scream with pain and fell asleep listening to the mice scrabbling in my wardrobe. They are squatting, they are the mice of !WOWOW!. My best friend took too many pills and went insane and now she is singing Cliff Richard songs in the bath.


After Klaxons played I took some really weird pills and danced for ages. I made it to my bed for 9 AM, where I spent the next 13 hours attempting to sleep. My boyfriend caught me talking to my own legs.


Lou: I got in at 4 AM and slept for four hours. I then decided to eat a whole box of Austrian chocolates in the shape of dog biscuits while listening to the Strokes and going on MySpace. Emma: In the early hours we strolled through Whitechapel and invented a new game called “Kick the Cripple” because one of my mates was in a wheelchair. The game consisted of accosting anyone who walked past and offering them the opportunity to kick the cripple for £1.

Ashley wears top by Skunkfunk and jeans by SealKay

Leila (left) wears hoodie by Nikita. Laura wears baseball cap by King Apparel


My roommate Kate and I left the gig around 4 AM and had an exciting adventure when we realised the tubes didn’t start running at London Bridge until 7 AM. We have only been in London for a week, so we were both drunk trying to figure out how to get back home in Finsbury Park. When we got home, neither of us could sleep for ages but I finally passed out. I woke up with no voice and very ill so I had to call in sick to my job at Gap because I wasn’t even able to talk. I slept in till 2 PM and watched movies all day and drank loads of tea to recover. I have finally fully recovered nearly a week after!

Leila: During the gig I had to stay at the back because the last time I saw them my toenail got smashed. It’s still sore. I left early because I bumped into a guy I hadn’t seen in ages. Another boy left my place about midday and I stayed in a hangover/lethargic state for about four hours then had a shower. Got dressed. Lay on the pile of clothes on the floor staring at the ceiling. I had a really physically and mentally draining conversation with the parents then I started thinking about magnetic fields, and how maybe it related to the wonkiness of my ceiling.


Mina wears hoodie by Nike and T-shirt by Etnies

Emily wears top by Fornarina and jeans by Denim Birds


My brother got a bus to Waterloo to go back to my mum’s so we said our goodbyes. I headed back to New Cross and hibernated in my room. We made peanut butter and jam on toast, smoked some rollies, drank tea and watched a weird Julien Temple film. I woke up the next day at around 9 AM with a loud bang on my bedroom door. I found a weird little Chinese man there trying to move stuff away from my radiator so he could fix the central heating.

Emily: After the gig we went home via Covent Garden. We were wandering around there for ages. We got approached by a gang of Gary Lagers and they started to yell “hippies!” at us. We were a bit scared so we put our hoods up and ran away from them. When we got back home we stayed up for a bit and fell asleep at about 11 AM. We woke up the next morning feeling fantastic. I definitely want to do it again.