Metronomy's Remix of NZCA LINES' "Two Hearts" Is a Banger, Obviously

The English odd-pop artist reworks his former bandmate's solo song. Slam dunk!

NZCA LINES, a.k.a Michael Lovett, is an English chap whose synthy, nerdy music​ and insanely awesome videos​ we've been supporting for years. Ditto could be said about Metronomy​ really. The pair have a long history together, which is too much to get into here, but the closest, most recent connection is that when Lovett wasn't working on NZCA LINES he was providing synth and guitar support in Metronomy's touring band.

Alongside drummer Sarah Jones (who has played with Bat for Lashes and drums for Hot Chip), Lovett released one of the most lowkey stunning records of the year: ​Infinite Summer. ​Now Memphis Industries is dropping a remix record (out September 16th)​ which includes this slamming remix of flagship tune "Two Hearts." Metronomy—who FYI hasn't done a remix in bloody AGES—goes in minimal and makes the synths big and crunchy and in your face. ​

"Joe [Metronomy] has taught me a thing or two about life on the road, like wearing jogging pants on long-haul flights and finding Irish pubs in strange cities," explains Lovett. "Now he's taught me a thing or two about remixes, i.e, smashing them straight out the park. Which is what I feel he's done with his rework of 'Two Hearts.' Peace and love."​

Listen to it for the first time below. And catch Lovett playing guitar and bass with Christine and the Queens this fall. Busy boy. BTW if you're in LDN (well you might be) NZCA LINES is playing Village Underground on September 28th.