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Baby Woodrose's New Video for "21st Century Slave" Explains Why the Digital Age is Corrupting Our Souls

The Danish psych legends are back with a fuzzy ode to what little remains of the analog life.

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If you frequent this rebellious, Drake-ridden music blog of ours, or give half a fuck about the Danish psych scene, odds are you know about Spids Nøgenhat (Danish for the liberty cap magic mushroom) - and about Baby Woodrose. And you know that both bands are led by frontman Lorenzo Woodrose. For the past four years, Spids Nøgenhat has taken most of Lorenzo’s creative focus, and it therefore tickles us pink to see Baby Woodrose back on the psychedelic radar with a song called “21st Century Slave”.

This is psychedelic garage rock in its purest and most basic form, and once again, it reinforces our faith in Baby Woodrose and Lorenzo himself as absolutely mastering their fuzzy sound. The track is off of their upcoming album Freedom, Baby Woodrose’s first studio album in four years, which is set to drop on September 16th.

In the video by Palle Demant, Lorenzo Woodrose wanders through misty Copenhagen, staring blankly into his pink iPhone – what he refers to as his “control machine” - and looks just like everyone else. Dazed out on technology. His eyes are peeled and glued to the screen - a fairly accurate depiction of what you might see on any given ride on the subway.

The enthralling psych strums cling desperately to what little remains of the analog life as the visuals shift to Lorenzo Woodrose frantically typing “I AM FREE I AM FREE I AM FREE I AM FREE I AM FREE” on a typewriter. Maybe this is the solution. To set yourself free, you have to lose your iPhone. Smash your iPad. Take an axe to your selfie stick. Just, you know, wait ‘till after you’ve watched this video: