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Sia Has Collaborated with Kendrick Lamar for “The Greatest” and Released a Super Creepy Video for It

This whole thing looks like a scary-as-fuck boarding school where only possessed zombie girls can enroll.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Just like slam poetry and competitive walking, expressive movement is considered kind of lame, isn’t it? As in, a story told through the medium of abstract dance is usually a story you don’t want to know in the first place, right? But weirdly, Maddie Zeigler, the returning star of Sia’s music videos, somehow manages to make expressive movement seem very, very cool. Like, after watching Maddie Zeigler perform for a fraction of a second, I suddenly want to throw on a leotard, fling my limbs around the room like a fucking octopus, and start pulling my own hair a bit, just to make a point. It’s quite a feat.


With that in mind, Sia just dropped a new track called “The Greatest”, and Maddie is the star of it, so it rules. She’s not the only dancer, though, as she’s joined by a bunch of other talented kids who all dance in unison around a dark, prison-like building, making the whole thing resemble a creepy-as-fuck boarding school that only allows possessed zombie girls to enroll. The original track is actually a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, but in this video his verse is taken out. You can listen to the original version with Kendrick here, and watch the full video below.