Holy Shit

JEFFERY a.k.a. Young Thug Has a New Song Called "ELTON," Featuring Wyclef Jean

Frank Ocean whom? It's all about Sir Elton John and Wyclef and Jeffery, the man himself.

af Kyle Kramer
19 august 2016, 5:00pm

Frank Ocean whom? It's Jeffery! And you're about to hear it: Young Thug, who may or may not be changing his name to JEFFERY (his real name is Jeffery Williams), and who, at the very least, has an album called JEFFERY on the way, has a new song from said album. It features Wyclef, and it's named "Elton," presumably after Jeffery's good friend Sir Elton John.

Is it beautiful? With a name like that, of course it is. It sounds like Young Thug is roller skating in heaven. It soars like "Rocketman" 2.0. It's as fitting a tribute to Thugger's name change as anything, plus it has a real live Fugee on it, so it is real hip-hop. Listen to it below. JEFFERY the album is shaping up to be incredible, if this is any indication.

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