Holy Shit

Stop Everything! King Krule is Back With a New Alias and a New Track “Feel Safe 88”

Once again he comes out of the shadows to effortlessly remind us all why he's considered a creative genius at the literal age of 22.

af Daisy Jones
25 august 2016, 9:51am

Archy Marshall AKA King Krule AKA Edgar the Beatmaker AKA The Return of Pimp Shrimp or whatever you want to call him has become less of a real life musician in recent years, and more of a mythical musical entity. He rarely releases albums and only occasionally moves out of the shadows to unleash a singular track, film, book or piece of art that effortlessly reminds us all why he is considered a creative genius at the literal age of 22.

All of which is to say: he’s gone and done it again. Last night, he dropped a new track on his Facebook titled “Feel Safe 88 (Just Say No)” along with the caption “another age another name for the stomps.” The track itself is pretty chill, but also more melodic than we’re used to hearing from Marshall, with layers of synth, bleary-eyed vocals, and the type of disco-style piano that you'd hear in a sweaty basement club at 4am. The lyrics will make you fall a bit in love with him too: “Girl, don’t ever feel ashamed, it’s not easy just pour it out, don’t ever feel ashamed, girl don’t waste away.” Swoon.

Listen below:

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