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Campsite at BoomTown Festival Is Evacuated After Huge Fire Destroys 80 Vehicles

Thankfully, nobody was injured.

It’s not been the best year for festivals, really. T in the Park has managed to cement its reputation as a literal circle of hell. Wireless still resembles a dry old chicken pen crammed with an amorphous web of selfie sticks. Parklife festival continues to exist. But, all that aside, sometimes really awful shit happens and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Over the weekend at BoomTown festival, for instance, a huge fire broke out and 80 vehicles in total were destroyed. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, but according to those who attended, the fire was metres away from the campsite, leading to its evacuation. The cause of the fire is still unknown.


According to BoomTown representative Adrian Coombs, travel was arranged for those whose cars had been engulfed in the fire. "What Boomtown is doing at the moment is making sure that we help anyone who's affected,” the representative told the BBC yesterday. "So we're laying on internet access, phone lines, making sure owners can contact their insurance companies and facilitating people's transport home when the festival finishes.”

Despite the fire, the festival went ahead as planned, including headline sets from Madness, Leftfield and Damian Marley.

Read a full statement from BoomTown festival here.

UPDATE: According to Hampshire Fire Service, it's likely the fire was caused by a discarded cigarette which then set the surrounding area alight.

Likely cause of #Boomtown fire found as discarded cigarette setting light to stubble around the parked cars.

— HampshireFireService (@Hants_fire) August 15, 2016

A busy afternoon for us, as we attended a multiagency incident at #BoomTown festival. Approx 80 cars damaged by fire

— Alresford Fire Stn (@Alresford36) August 12, 2016

Fire now surrounded at #BOOMTOWN Festival nr Winchester,crews damping down

— Portchester Fire St (@Portchester28) August 12, 2016

Multiagency response to estimated 80 vehicles destroyed by #Boomtown fire. Thankfully no casualties at this time.

— SCAS HART (@SCAS_HART) August 12, 2016