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Iran's Fashion Scene Is Blossoming Under Sharia Law

Checking out Tehran's Fajr Fashion Show, where Iranian designers have crafted colorful clothing that still adheres to the country's strict dress codes.

Before Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, citizens weren't required to wear the Islamic cover known as the hijab and the country's fashion was almost identical to that of the United States and Europe. After the revolution, though, the hijab became required by law.

Although the standard black hijab is still commonplace – especially in rural areas in the country – Iran has recently seen a fashion renaissance, and cities like Tehran are becoming home to new and innovative designers. The clothing may still have to respect the Islamic dress codes, but the bright colors and designs would never have been seen a decade ago in Iran.

Last summer, VICE went to Tehran to attend the third annual Fajr Fashion Show and speak with some of Iran's new designers. The country's top officials – responsible for granting permission for the show – were all seated in the front row to show show their support. And to make sure the models were adhering to the country's law.