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A Bonus Look at the Lives of Small-Time Penis Enlargers

Bernd Hofmeister and Eve Dynamite impressed us so much in a recent documentary that we decided to revisit them.

A month ago, VICE Germany brought you a look at the life of Miche, a man with a penis that had been permanently enlarged to superhuman proportions with silicone injections. Frederik Busch's chance encounter with Miche at a men's sex club called Laboratory in Berlin took him on a journey into the surprisingly friendly world of German people you can pay to enlarge your penis.

If you haven't already checked out that piece, titled What Life Is Like with a Giant, Silicone-Enhanced Penis, do so immediately, unless you don't care about humungous dicks.


Miche's quest for what might be the girthiest package on the planet wasn't a simple trip from point A (humdrum penis) to point B (penis that can be toted around town in a codpiece the size of a Prada handbag). Along the way, he tried every type of less permanent enhancement on offer. It turns out the lives of those who make those measures available are arguably as interesting as Miche's.

So today we're presenting a pair of bonus mini-documentaries about two of them.

Inside the base of operations at Dildoking, Berlin's premier erotic equipment emporium, we met the affable Bernd Hofmeister. In the previous video, Bernd told us he discretely fills 1,400-1,500 penis pump orders per month. But he ships a lot more than penis pumps. Here's a look at his day-to-day life, which he says includes receiving photos from satisfied customers that seem to defy medical logic.

Meanwhile, at AVS Clinic in Dresden, Eve Dynamite is a registered nurse who will safely inject saline wherever her patients need it. For instance, if you need saline in your scrotum before you play soccer so you can put your inflated sack on display for the other men, Eve is your gal.

But there's more to a day's work at AVS Clinic than saline injections. In addition to Eve, we spent some time with Anna Von Sax, a German dominatrix who is too good to be true. She looks like what Mel Brooks would have in mind if he phoned central casting and asked for a dominatrix, and then asked her to change his diaper.

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