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What International Day Would You Establish?

They're all a crock of shit, so there's nothing to lose in founding a couple more.

af Sascha Kouvelis
09 april 2013, 4:00pm

Last Saturday was International Pillow Fight day, which is obviously fucking bullshit. I don't want to come off as a cynical killjoy here, but all these new "international days" springing up around the world – unless they're for peace or unity, or whatever – are completely pointless. They fall under the same territory as flash-mobs and improv theatre – two things widely regarded to be the scourge of modern humanity and something we could definitely all do without.

That said, I wanted to see if anyone out there had ideas for international days that didn't involve face-painting, crochet or some other inexcusably lame pastime, so I went to ask the people of London a question: What international day would you establish?  

Loren, fashion designer: Love, I guess. Or truth. No, an international day of love, I think. We need more love in the world.

What would happen on that day?
I think you'd take time out for the people you love, or perhaps tell them something you'd wanted to tell them for a while. It would be different from Valentine's Day, though. Valentine's is just getting old and boring, it needs to be reinvented. 

Nick, digital consultant: Food!

What would happen on the International Day of Food?
Well, we'd all probably all eat a lot of food, for a start. Maybe everybody would have street fairs all over the world and they would have lovely local food as well as all of the things they love cooking and eating.

Don't you think international days are kind of ridiculous? Like Valentine's Day, for example?
Valentine's is OK. I mean, my wife and I don’t really do Valentines day. We probably do something romantic, but it's not like we go out and buy mushy cards and stuff like that. Plus, every day is Valentine's Day if you're in love.

Well isn't that sweet.

Rosy, PR: Cuddles!

Urgh. How would that work?
You could stand on the street and have certain cuddly looking people giving out free hugs to cheer everybody up on really busy, stressful days.

Would it give permission for everyone to hug anyone they wanted?
Yeah, but within reason, I guess. I mean, if someone looks like they don’t want one, it may look like assault if they get bombarded by unwanted cuddles.

That sounds awful.

Paul, council administrator  International parent day! I have kids myself and, you know, there should be one day where perhaps they focus on both of us. You know, help out a little bit more.

And what would happen on this day?
Well, the first thing they'd do is cook for us. That would certainly be a nice change, instead of us always doing it.

And a present?
Well no, because that would come out of our account, wouldn’t it?

Ah yes. True.

Natalia, IT graduate: The international day of being nice to people, I suppose. Just a whole day where, for once, everyone is actually nice to people. No pushing around to get somewhere, jumping lines, pushing people out of the way to get the tube when there'll be another train one minute later. It's just boring how rude people can be.

So no one would be allowed to get angry on this particular day?
Exactly. Everyone would have to bite their tongue if they wanted to say something mean or nasty and no one would be allowed to start a fight. Just smiles, laughter and politeness all day long. 

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