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'No Sleep Till' Is the New Series We Produced with Vans

We went on tour with Cerebral Ballzy, SSS, The Bronx and Trash Talk.

A few months ago, VICE and Vans got together and decided it'd be fun to follow our favourite bands around on tour. Over the course of our journey, we visited Moscow, Liverpool, Gothenburg and North Wales, with Cerebral Ballzy, Trash Talk, The Bronx and SSS respectively.

Because we're nice people who don't forget their old lives when they get in the van, we also thought we'd save up all the shit the bands got up to and spray it all over you in our new series, No Sleep Till.


However, the show won't premiere until March 1st. So, we also made a trailer to tease you, and interviewed our wonderful producer, Posy Dixon, to keep you warm 'till then.

VICE: Hey Posy, what's your new show like?
Posy Dixon: Well, the idea was that our crew hangs out with four of punk/ thrash/ hardcore's most explosive live bands for 24 hours, gets a taster for life on tour and finds out a bit more about the guys who've been doing the rounds for so many years.

Sweet. So, the first episode is taking place in Russia with Cerebral Ballzy.
Yeah, and that was pretty challenging as they are infamous for being pains in the dick on tour, getting arrested a lot and generally causing chaos. Despite all our attempts to be well-organised, we still nearly got our cameras seized at customs, lost Sean Stout [the director] at 6AM on the last day, and finally, whilst we were waiting for our final connecting flight home from Germany to London, Honor [Titus, the band's lead singer] went to take a shit and missed his flight home. Totally retarded.

What do you mean you lost Sean? Where'd he go?
He went for a walk with some girl he met, and proceeded to get lost without his phone, jacket or wallet. He's a great camera guy with a great relationship with bands, but appalling personal organisation skills. Russia was the best, though – the kids there went so mad, it was insane.

I'm sure Sean will be ecstatic to hear what you have to say about him. Any other stories?
Hah! We're still buddies, it's all good! SSS take the prize for taking us to the biggest shit hole in the world – Rhyl, a seaside resort in North Wales – and still showing us a good time.


What kind of a shithole was it?
They played at Hard Rock Hell, a glam rock festival in Butlins, which was the weirdest billing as all the other bands sounded like Bon Jovi and all the punters were dressed in Spandex.

I hear Trash Talk became obsessed with the British inventions of 'chavs' and 'lads' over the course of the trip.
Yeah, and cups of tea. All things British, basically. I think spending too much time being driven around the Midlands by a 20-year-old driver from Coventry got to them. They got into lots of fights, too. But they were really nice guys.

What else can we expect to see in the film?
Lots of skating in the rain.

Can't wait to see that! Thanks, Posy!

The first episode of No Sleep Till premieres at on March 1st.