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Holy Shit

Sex Just Leveled Up: Here’s Miguel Covering Beyoncé for the 'Fifty Shades Darker' Trailer

"You know I got the sauce." - Rihanna

Man, Miguel, sex. There is perhaps no man more synonymous with sex other than, well, no it's just Miguel. Miguel also likes to cover songs about sex as well. For instance, that one time when he was glistening in sweat singing Rihanna's self-caressing lower pelvis classic "Kiss It Better." Or, unrelated, when he had coitus with carbon dioxide on stage, causing further condensation to our fragile loins. Anyways, in the new trailer for Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to that other movie also about PG-13 sex and troubling patriarchal overtones and one-dimensional characters, Miguel covers Beyonce's moody "Crazy In Love," —which she already covered as a remix for her original song— to amazing results.


Miguel's voice is sex in the form of vibrations so obviously he does the song justice for the Fifty Shades Darker trailer. The song's sultry tones perfectly complement the trailer's opening moments of our protagonists venturing deeper into the rabbit hole (nice) of BDSM pleasure they've dug together. Perhaps for Fifty Shades Freed, the third and final installment in the riveting nu-erotica series, they should have Miguel do a self-cover cover of "Coffee"—arguably one of Miguel's steamiest tracks. Think about all the drugs, sex, and polaroids—holy fuck! Holy fuck indeed. This song is an anthem for sweaty, slick, dark, and syrup-like Pinterest boards.

(Please note: no one watched this trailer.)

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