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Tommy Guerrero Remembers the Golden Age of Skateboarding

The ex-Bones Brigade skater recently went on tour, and Levi's and Huck joined him for the ride.

If Powell Peralta was the label that defined the golden era of skateboarding, Tommy Guerrero was one of the most instrumental in sparking it off in the first place. A member of the Bones Brigade team, alongside Lance Mountain and Tony Hawk, you'll probably recognise him and his pink trousers from one of the first plotted skate films, In Search for Animal Chin.

Tommy reckons that skating and making music go hand in hand, which is probably why he's always played in bands on the side, dropping ambient records influenced by seventies funk and soul. He no longer skates, but his new album No Man's Land is the perfect soundtrack for those who do.

When Tommy took to the road in April for his first European tour – playing shows in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Spain – Levi’s Skateboarding and Huck hopped in the van with him and went along for the ride.