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The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue

Bless This Mess

At 8 AM on a sunny Tuesday morning I am on my way to a crisis site on East End Avenue at 82nd Street. The call had come in an hour or so earlier. "I presume you're in good physical fitness," Ron Alford had warned me over the phone. Ron is the director...

Ron Alford at a crisis site on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


New York Post

Ron unearths the least racy literature in the entire place.

Candy Striper

Slavemeat IV, Latex Mania, Blonde and Anal, Bad Bondage Dream

Ginza Sex Slaves, Mouth Meat, Bondage Dolls, Submission Complex, Curry Cream Pie, Girls of Pain II, Punishment of Goth Girl, Tortureshop, Droolin’

Amid the take-out aftermath, Ron takes a long minute to evaluate.




Of masked girls, dressed in latex, masturbate with frenzy

Largely open thighs, they introduce the disproportionate cock to the deepest of their pussy quartered. Pleasures and solitary pleasures. Hallucinated!

CM’s love of Sunkist soda extends to the toilet seat.

Ron and his wife, Melissa.

CM, who insisted on remaining anonymous, relaxes on the couch with his porn library in front of the cum-and-boogers wall.