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Boy: Kobi McLemore

Kobi has yet to graduate high school, but that hasn't stopped him launching his own brand. Beat that, kid.

af Jessy Price, Styling by Jessie Ajluni
28 februar 2012, 12:00am

Death Precision Inc. t-shirt, APC pants, Supreme hat.

Jakobi McLemore is graduating high school in a couple of months and has never had a real job in his life, mainly because he's lazy and accurately reckons that having a normal nine-to-five would suck. However, he'll probably never have to worry about any of that boring life stuff anyway, considering he founded thebrandwithnoname and its sub-brand Death Precision Inc., which boasts a retailer in Japan, coverage in XXL magazine, exposure on the backs of the whole Odd Future crew, and a mind-blowing amount of global success for something set up by a high school kid from north New Jersey. I would hate him, purely out of jealousy, but the fact that he's a total babe and says incredibly sweet things like, "my favorite thing in life is watching my homies succeed," makes that near impossible.

Jessy Price

Jessie Ajluni

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Page Left: Burkman Bros jacket, Death Precision Inc. hoodie, Supreme cap. Page Right: Death Precision Inc. t-shirt, UNIQLO jeans, Visvim shoes.

Page Left: Death Precision Inc. t-shirt, UNIQLO jeans, Hanes underwear. Page Right: Death Precision Inc. hoodie, Levi's jeans, vintage glasses.

Death Precision Inc. hoodie and t-shirt, New Era cap.

Death Precision Inc. t-shirt and jacket.

Death Precision Inc. top, Paul Smith jeans.