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The Lies Issue

Vice Fashion - Fashion Update 2006

Photos by Richard Kern, Styling by Gia Bahm

Full page photos: Richard Kern, Stylist: Gia Bahm, Stylist’s Assistant: Betsy Maher


Graffiti writers did this first. When they weren’t covering their faces outlaw-style, they would pull the T-shirt they had around their face down into the neckerchief zone. It’s caught on majorly here in New York now. New variations are popping up daily.

l-r: KVK T-shirt, WOWCH T-shirt, APC jacket, Nom De Guerre jeans; United Bamboo T-shirt, Tsubi cardigan, Nom De Guerre hoodie, Energie jeans; Fox jacket, Morphine Generation T-shirt, Tsubi T-shirt, Diesel jeans


Clockwise from top left: Lafaillie T-shirt; Mishka T-shirt; American Apparel hoodie; Nike T-shirt; Brooklyn Industries sweater, C & C of California T-shirt, Meltin Pot button-up shirt; It tank top on dog

Mara Hoffman dress, Morphine Generation jean vest (photographed at American Apparel)

Briefcase Girls

British band the Peters set this one off with their cult hit “Go to Work.” Next thing you knew, Kate Moss was walking around Camden with one. Then it was in British Vogue and the rest is history…

Clockwise from top left: Kasil jeans; clothes model’s own; clothes model’s own; Fluevog boots; X-Girl jeans; Judi Rosen pants from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Steven Alan button-up shirt, Rachel Comey jacket, Paul Smith belt, Steven Alan pants, Nixon watch, Converse sneakers, vintage scarf


Blame Devendra Banhart! The nu-hippie thing is certainly reaching its crest, and this just might be the death rattle (if it didn’t look so good).

Clockwise from top left: Pony sneakers; KVK T-shirt and scarf; Paul Smith scarf, Name Value jacket, Levis jeans; Fox jacket, Planet Earth button-up shirt, Elwood T-shirt; Quiksilver jacket; KCDC T-shirt