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ground zero

Syria - Full Length

Brutally honest footage of a war that is increasingly destabilising the Middle East.

Update: Abdul Qader Saleh, also known as Haji Marea, died of injuries he sustained in a government air strike in Aleppo Province last week. To many Syrians, Saleh was an icon of the revolution, a commander of one of the largest rebel factions, the al-Tawhid brigade. Saleh was buried in his hometown of Marea, Syria.

Last year VICE commissioned photographer and videographer Robert King to document the civil war that has been ravaging Syria for the past two years. Largely based on Aleppo, Robert's footage of the violent conflict that continues to unfold in the region is perhaps one of the most thorough and brutally honest documents of a war that is increasingly destabilizing the Middle East as it spills over into neighboring Turkey and Lebanon. This full-length version of Ground Zero: Syria parts 1-6 offers a startling glimpse into a chaotic war with no clear end in sight.

Watch the seventh part of the Ground Zero - Syria series, "Snipers of Aleppo."