Photographing the 2015 EGX Cosplay Championship


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Photographing the 2015 EGX Cosplay Championship

It's the biggest cosplay event in Britain, so people made an effort. Most people, anyway.

All photography by Stuart Murray

The Birmingham-held EGX has been and gone, and we took a look at some of the UK's largest video gaming convention's standout new titles here. The Saturday of the expo was about a lot more than hands on pads, though, as the event hosted the country's largest cosplay championship, funnily enough called the EGX Cosplay Championship, part of the European Cosplay Gathering. That's a lot of cosplaying.


VICE sent photographer Stuart Murray along to capture the very best dressed contestants as they competed to be crowned, essentially, the national champion of dressing up in cool video game gear of their own making. The winner received a pass to next year's PAX East in Boston, with flights and a place to stay thrown in. Not too shabby.

The winner, since you asked, was the entrant dressed up as a Jolteon Pokémon. You can probably tell which one that is, on account of it being the costume that looks like a Pokémon. (It's yellow, if that helps.) Personally, I think like the one from Journey the best, and I would totally wear that cloak and scarf combo when popping down Tesco for my teacakes.