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Italians Do It Better

Cat Power played Satisfaction, Jackson Browne sung Take It Easy and Cold Cave performed in the middle of a hay bale maze, then Giorgio Moroder climbed the stage and performed just one song. He'd written it earlier that day on the train in the recording...

On a night that featured Cat Power playing Satisfaction, Jackson Browne singing Take It Easy and Cold Cave performing in the middle of a hay bale maze, the stand out moment of the whole evening was when Giorgio Moroder climbed the stage and performed just one song. He'd written it earlier that day on the train in the recording studio that separates the dining car and the Levis® car.

“Woah, woah, woah woah,” it went, “riding on the train.”


And then “woah, woah, woah,” again, “Never be the same.”

Simple sure, but a man who can write Dangerzone, I Feel Love and the Neverending Story doesn't need to over-complicate things.

The evening began with Ed Ruscha's cooking an omelette for two hundred people on a lawn outside  Winslow station. It felt like a wedding, albeit a wedding where the invitation didn't stipulate black-tie, evening wear or smart-casual, just denim.

Chris Camp is the whipcracker at the show. His performance which comes at the end of a quasi-battle rap between two auctioneers, is the mid point of each Station to Station event.

If you've never seen a whip act before – I don't live in this country but I imagine they've not caught on like karaoke yet – it's terrifying. Chris doctors his whip ends with a poly-fibre material so they pretty much explode on contact. The noise is louder than any of the acts on stage. The tail of his lunge whip spits through the air like throwing stars. Sure we're all stood back the requisite safe distance but as I make typing mistakes, forget to put milk back in the fridge and sometimes even slip onto the soft shoulder while driving, maybe Chris might over reach and one of us will end up like so many of those poor dolls in his yard? Chris is a self-taught whip cracker, you see.He grew up in Illinois decapitating his toys on a fence in the yard. But thankfully for the audience Chris is much more professional than I'll ever be.

The evening ends with everyone climbing into the Levis® car on the train for an impromptu party. Giorgio stands on the platform looking in at everyone singing 'woah woah woah' and takes it all in his stride. His fan base covers more of the world than Starbucks coffee. And for tonight, it's reached Winslow, Arizona too.

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