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Stompdown Killa’s Junk Wants You to Delete Facebook and Live “In the Woods”

But watch the video for his new song first. It’s #woke.

Face it: You’re just a sack of meat with a cellphone and credit card trapped in a concrete jungle. It’s all good as long as you have wifi and Netflix, right? Vancouver, B.C.’s Junk encourages us to torch all that and live in a forest for his latest song “In the Woods” off his 2016 I.A.N. album. Directed by Self Hired, the video shows the Stompdown Killaz-affiliate rapper leaving it all behind to chill in a green space. He talks real over an Ear 2 Tha Beat production about the trappings of urban life. He asks, why “wear a pair of Jordans” or shop at “Costco” when you can be “in the woods?”


“This piece is ultimately about needing to break off from the daily rat race of modern city life,” Junk told us, “You can get seriously fed up with the materialistic consumption, taxes, drugs and even the law. Sometimes you just got to go back into the wild and decompress by jumping into a lake or river and enjoy the silence.” Watch “In the Woods” below:

Devin Pacholik lives in southern Saskatchewan so he has no clue what forests look like. Follow him on Twitter.