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Tomorrow Is the Pinnacle of Levi's Mysterious New Project

It involves horses, Ghostpoet and the manipulated sound of a lake.

Tomorrow is the pinnacle of a mysterious project involving some horses, Ghostpoet and the manipulated sound of a lake. Everything has been kept pretty under wraps so far, but the basic idea is that director Alex Turvey, producer Koreless (the guy sampling lakes and turning that trickling into music) and singer Ghostpoet have been working together on some kind of audio-visual extravaganza as part of Levi's Make Our Mark campaign.


We know they spent some time in the lawless wilds of North Wales, filming children riding horses, hiking up Mount Snowdon and tapping trees with a stick to gather a bunch of nature-related samples for what's presumably going to make up the soundtrack to the film. But that's about it.

So, like us, you should all go to the Oval Space in Hackney tomorrow to find out how the project turns out. It's bound to be great, and with a great line-up of DJs, live acts and free booze the whole package promises to be quite an evening. You're very welcome.

Click here and enter all the usual information to apply for tickets, and watch the behind the scenes video below.

For everything else you might need to know, head on over to the official Make Our Mark website