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Panda To Sochi

Panda to Sochi: Arrival

Finally the day has come, the climax happens right now and the exhaustion found his peak. But the very best: We arrived in unbelievable Sochi!

My fingers are heavy and my body is concentrating on this last words with an enormous fight against the exhaustion. But the downer here is similar to a freshly pressed pomegranate juice because Sochi has plus celcius degrees and there is a sun smiling at us. Though someone told me something of a natriumcloud which is in the russian air, I quite like the weather. But this is really massageing my (by now) drivers soul.

Stefan and me are beginning to relax again a little bit. Since our journey is ending now, the arrival is about to start! The Black Sea is clear but our memories are mixed and filled up with so many different places and people of other cultures. And we found our true love: our very own Fiat Panda. This car didn‘t care about any pothole, or any snowstorm and always kept us warm, which was probably the most needed skill after all. This care totally made the famous elk test!

Starting from the first until the last day, Stefan and I have been collecting a lot of stories for our families. My daily blog is only a piece of all what happened on this road trip. It was an exceptional journey and it became harder, the closer we got to our destination. It was much longer than the way of St. James - Holy Camino de Santiago! - for us. Breathing cold air was as painful as the finding of the destination of our trip.

Today the sun downer of Sochi is reading a Good Night Story to us, of which we will dream for a long time while the Russian Riviera is kissing us to sleep! Cordial thanks to everyone who followed our trip and high regard to everyone who made our trip that juicy. A last saying for everyone who read so far: When you reached a goal, set a new one! #PandaTo?