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Illustrators Pay Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

We had fifteen comics draw the late, great Leonard Nimoy.

Patrick May

Leonard Nimoy was the coolest guy ever. In the wake of his passing, a lot of the more obscure things that he did have been brought up. Sure, he anchored Star Trek and was easily the best actor on the original show. He also directed the best Star Trek movie and appeared on bothThe Simpsons and Futurama. He released some notable records and wrote an autobiography called I Am Not Spock which he followed up with I Am Spock.


Did you know that he recorded an album of him reading Ray Bradbury short stories? Did you know that he did a photo series of overweight nude women to try to push the idea of "fat acceptance"? Leonard Nimoy did a lot of really cool things outside of Star Trek but he always had a good sense of humor. He never seemed to resent Star Trek for being the most prominent thing in his career.

I asked illustrators to draw pictures memorializing the late actor. Here are fifteen. It would have been good if at least one of these drawings didn't depict Nimoy as Spock, but it's fun to draw him as Spock and I think he would have been fine with it.

Penelope Gazin

Sabrina Elliott

Chris Georges

Tina Lugo

Andrew Neal

Rob Corradetti

Nick Gazin

Ben Jones

Kelsey Niziolek

Jordan Speicher

Ryan Humphrey

Anna Wanda Gogusey

Dustin Mertz

Robin Eisenberg