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VICE Meets Anna Konda

VICE Germany spent a day with Anna Konda, the Herculean dom and founder of Berlin's Female Fight Club, a place women come to from all over the world to wrestle (and sometimes smash watermelons between their thighs).

At Berlin's Female Fight Club, women put men in their places - squished underneath a naked lady's assmeat. Club founder Anna Konda is a "natural-born dom" who used to beat up boys in the schoolyard while growing up in former East Germany. Now she can be found sitting on men's faces and squeezing their heads until they are on the verge of popping between her Amazonian thighs.

She established the club three years ago as an outlet for all women - from Stepford wives to doped-up muscle junkies - to go head-to-head in wrestling matches. Either in the buff or in a dominatrix getup, women can tussle with the stereotype that being strong and dominant isn't sexy or feminine. And men are more than welcome to jump in the ring too, as long as they're prepared to obey.


Even though Anna's known for her incredible strength, she doesn't consider herself a bodybuilder. Instead, she loves her womanly curves, boobs, and ass, which she has put on display in countless internet videos. Her videos, which have been watched by thousands of people, have made her a cult figure in Berlin. These videos often feature her crushing watermelons or sheep skulls between her thighs, emasculating men, or instructing women on how to dominate. However, Anna's not without her critics. She's had social media accounts and videos deleted from Facebook and YouTube for being too "pornographic" even though they featured no nudity - just a powerful woman in control of her own body.

I caught up with Anna to discuss her life as a skull-crushing dom and why she believes women should always be on top.

VICE: When did you realise you were a "natural-born dom"?
Anna Konda: In my marriage. My husband took me to a gym where I trained the same way as him - none of that nonsense "lady training" that some women do. From the beginning, I could lift heavier weights than men. Of course people started saying things to my husband, like, "At home, your wife must wear the pants…" We also began wrestling each other, but I'd always end up on top. So it became less and less fun for him.

You used to beat up boys in school?
I grew up in the former German Democratic Republic where competitive sports were very important. Like many girls, I was a gymnast, which involved weight training at an early age. By 12 or 13, we were so much more muscular than the boys. Naturally, we took advantage of this. Boys who didn't get out of our way were pressed face down into the sand. I loved tantalising them by squeezing their heads between my legs against the ground. When I started doing this to men as an adult, I realized that so many men have a fetish for this and I'm giving them exactly what they've always wished for, even as little boys.


What's been your kinkiest request to date?
There are men out there who ask for the "squeeze of death" from me. They offer me large sums of money too, like $10,000 as an advance payment. Naturally, I never accept because I'm not a psychopath and have no desire to sit in the electric chair in the US ("squeeze of death" request come mostly from Americans).

How do you differentiate yourself from S&M porn?
People always connect the word "dominatrix" to pornography, but an S&M porn star or prostitute only does what someone else wants. The only thing that matters to them is that they get paid. A truly dominant woman on the other hand only does what she wants.

So, you're a fan of domination in the ring, but not in the bedroom?
Well, sometimes the bed is the ring. [ Laughs] For me, the ring becomes the bed when I sit on my victims' faces and they lie helplessly under my thick thighs and big buttocks. I love to cum on their faces. This turns me on extremely. Even talking about it right now makes me want to do it again. It's an amazing feeling of power.

Do people often ask you for erotic services?
Yeah. But when a man asks me to do something erotic to him, I tell him that if he drops his pants in front of me, I will slam him up against the wall so hard that he'll need a jackhammer to get himself off again.

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Can your wrestling matches get violent?
I'm not sadistic. I don't enjoy the pain of others. I enjoy my own power and having control. I guess sometimes this can amount to the same thing for my prey. No matter how tough the fight is or if I have the opponent on the ground, I never hit them like crazy. I never want blood on my mat.

You had some trouble with YouTube and Facebook for deleting and blocking your content, right?
I find it ridiculous because it's easy to distinguish my club from porn. YouTube deleted videos that just featured my name in them or fully clothed training videos just because I was in them. I hate censorship and arbitrariness. If I compare YouTube with the communist GDR government from my childhood, I can hardly decide which is worse when it comes to censorship!

Your body is so magnificent. Were you always a bigger woman?
As a young woman, I got so skinny that I only weighed half of what I weigh today because of the pressure to conform to the stereotypical stick-thin image. I had a wasp waist but I still had a nice round ass. I looked amazing. However, it's not possible to keep that slim figure forever - not even with dieting. My bigger body now has many benefits. If millions of people love my videos and photos, it's because they love the woman they see in them. Frankly, that turns me on.

Have you ever gotten any negative reactions about your body?
Out of the thousands of fans I have, there are always a handful of people who tell me how fat, ugly, and disgusting I am. But where else should I get my workout motivation from, if not from these comments? People want to see crazy things from me and these comments put me in the mood to make someone suffer. My domination acts are never purely for show. I unleash anger and aggression onto my victim and if he or she moans underneath me, it makes me feel so good and strong.


You often wear dominatrix-style leather corsets, latex, and high-heels. You must be aware that you're serving countless fetishes?
Anyone can project whatever fetishes they like onto me. Even if it's just liking that I wear leather boots. I don't find my feet very sexy, but some people go crazy for them. When watching a video where my feet are visible, they get so excited because that's their fetish. For me, they're just my feet.

What services do you offer women who are perhaps "under the thumb" of a man?
There are some women who have suffered from domestic violence and have come along to the club with their attacker. I show the perpetrator how it feels to be dominated by someone.

What relationship advice would you offer women?
Men will adore you if you bulk up and test your limits in terms of power. You can then present your man with a whole new spectrum of services. If he is impressed and intrigued, then he is the right guy for you. If he rejects you, then he is the wrong guy. In a healthy relationship, both partners must see each other at eye level.

What's your ultimate goal with all of this?
I want to motivate women to follow my example - to do weight training and to be proud of their female form. Everything I do is erotic. So I also want to turn people on. However, it's not about sexual acts, but the overall context. A woman who builds up her strength and is proud of her body often shocks people because they think a woman with a few too many pounds should hate her body. The fact that so many men are turned on by me shows that this is bullshit.

For more information on Berlin's Female Fight Club, visit Anna Konda's website or Berlin Female Fight Club.

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