Holy Shit

Day of La Flame, Pt. 2: Travis Scott Drops Alicia Keys Remix Featuring Himself, Kanye, and Trap Drums

Travis is still going.

af Noisey Canada Staff
12 august 2016, 5:52pm

Oh we ain't finished. Shortly after premiering a new song on his Beats 1 show, Travis Scott has ANOTHER bit of new music to share. Insane! Who told this man he could do this? Scott aired the official remix to Alicia Keys' cool as hell single "In Common," which features him and–who else–Kanye West.

Barring Ye's opening verse, the song is more or less the same, except for a random trap outro where Travis raps and moans about lean and various drugs. Yup. In that sense, it's really more of a literal "remix" than most rap remixes that just have new verses. Listen to the "In Common" remix below.