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Noisey Are Streaming the New Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album

Listen to "Mosquito" at 8pm, as part of their new Listening Parties series.


Cancel your dinner plans: tonight at 8PM GMT, we'll be streaming Yeah Yeah Yeahs' hotly-anticipated new record Mosquito in its entirety. It's part of a new online event series we're running called Listening Parties. Here's what we're thinking:

Remember the unifying universal experience of listening to an album for the first time the day it hits stores? Judging by our age demographic breakdown, you probably don't. Music's migration to the digital stage over the past 20 years has brought with it an abundance of positive developments – the ways we discover, distribute, and interact with music has evolved immeasurably – but we've lost something vital along the way. The experience of being a listener went from record releases dates, music mags, and "we," to album leaks, 140 characters, and "I."

It's time to change all that: Noisey is finally taking music out of beta with the announcement of our Listening Party series, a first-of-its-kind advance streaming platform that allows you to preview highly-anticipated releases and become a part of an actual global conversation. Each Listening Party is a unique, one-time-only event where fans and listeners from around the world convene to experience new music together, interact with one another, receive unrivalled access into the mind of the artist, and truly get to say that they were a part of something unparalleled.

Of course, it only makes sense to launch an unprecedented platform with a band renowned for their creative ambition. That's why we're proud and excited to kick off the Listening Parties with Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Mosquito. You'll be able to react to the new tracks in real-time, interact with other listeners, hear the songs explained in the band's own words, and maybe even catch Karen, Nick, and Brian drop in via video explanations of each track. This is an online/offline event unlike any other, and you can't afford to miss it. Sure, we'll stream the record afterwards, but the party only happens once – so let's do this.

Keep your eyes on Noisey and @Noiseymusic for the official invite link, and we'll see you at the party. And don't forget to pre-order Mosquito by clicking right here.