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Stream Nacho Picasso x BSBD's Full Upcoming Album, 'Stoned & Dethroned'

Nacho and production duo Black Sky Black Death just sent us their fourth collaborative album, and they sound sicker than ever.

Seattle-based rapper Nacho Picasso has churned out a ton of material over the past five years—he's collaborated with Danny Brown, Cam'ron, and Gucci Mane, and released three albums with the production duo Blue Sky Black Death. This new album, Stoned and Dethroned, via Surf School Recordings, is the fourth in the collaboration and the combination sounds sicker than ever. BSBD's cloudy beats are an ideal backing for Nacho's slow flow.

The first time I heard Nacho he was rapping the line, "I'm going balls in like I'm stuffing cannons." His lyrics are a little darker this time around, but he's still got a certain way with words. The album title is also stolen from a mediocre Jesus and the Mary Chain record, so take that as you will. Listen to the whole album above.