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An Accused Child Molester Said His Alleged Victims Were "Not Really Kids"

This guy might want to enroll in some basic media training classes.

Images of Kindred via his (now defunct) Facebook

Accused child molester and pastor of what appears to be a made-up church in Minnesota, Jacoby Kindred, has created a public relations disaster for himself by opening his deranged mouth.

I don't want anyone to get away with child molestation, but here's a tip anyway: When a reporter gets you on the phone about the accusations you're facing, do not say, “These are not really kids." There are documents that will prove you wrong, and they're not hard to get. Also steer clear of, "They have the mind of the adult." That's a lot like the first one, but it has the added problem of making you sound like a maniac.


That's how Jacoby Kindred answered his accusations when journalists called him yesterday to ask about the teenage girls who say he's been raping them for years. After those two misfires, he said, "I never did anything like that," an old-fashioned denial, which is what any lawyer would prescribe for the situation. Unfortunately, he then blurted out the too-revealing, "Anyone can make up anything when you sit there long enough and you rehearse it." Then, believe it or not, he dug himself deeper into that hole.

As of yesterday, Kindred was a fugitive. There is a warrant out for his arrest on two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct spanning almost a decade. According to the complaint, two young girls, the daughters of a woman to whom Kindred ministered closely for about nine years, were six and seven when he first molested them. He told them they had the Devil in them, and that he could remove him, apparently by putting other things inside of them.

The abuse in the report was carried out in locations ranging from inside a house to a Target parking lot. He also, according to their accounts, had a bargain in which he would drive one of the girls to her boyfriend's house, where her mother forbade her from going, in exchange for sex.

Jacoby "Preacherman" Kindred, as he calls himself, claims to be the pastor of something called One Accord Ministries, which he told the press didn't have a building address. It is a registered business in his town of Maplewood, Minnesota, however, and the address listed is the same as the address on his (now removed) Facebook profile's "about" section. It looks like this:


Image via Google Street View

Kindred left his Facebook up, complete with phone numbers, until moments before this article was published. He had apparently stopped answering phone calls from strange numbers though. Since the profile featured pictures, videos, and other information about the life of a fugitive on the lam, it was apparently receiving heavy traffic, and when it when it down, it was transforming into a thriving community for discussing Kindred's actions with him in detail:

Most likely, the availabilty of his phone number via Facebook, and him making the mistake of picking up, facilitated his unfiltered interview with yesterday. After his denial, he ranted about Minnesota being a "ladies' state," and said that, "All a woman has to do (in Minnesota) is make an accusation, true or false, and the man's going to be in trouble."

He signed off by saying, "And I’m gone. Get your warrants, do what you gotta do, no DNA, none of that. You weren’t there, nobody was there!"

As of today, there still hasn't been any word on whether or not Kindred ever returned from the out-of-town funeral he said he was attending on Thursday.