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Kern's Girl of the Week - Laura

Today's featured model is Laura, a Southern pothead who wanted a headshot.
14 oktober 2011, 12:45pm

Every week, Richard Kern invites us to his L.E.S. apartment where we go through a huge box of archival photographs from his long and checkered career. Today’s featured model is Laura, a Southern pothead who wanted a headshot.

VICE: Those are some Leary-esque drapes. ** **Richard: Yeah, she's a little pothead hippie girl, as you can see. Her name’s Laura. Her ambition was to have a headshot. This was taken down in South Carolina but I met her in LA. She was just hitching around when somebody introduced her to a guy who was shooting for sex mags. She shot for a couple of porn magazines for money. When you’re like 18 and broke, 500 bucks is a lot of money.

How did you two end up in South Carolina?  So I shot her in LA and then I said, “Hey, can I get your info?” Later, I contacted her in South Carolina and went down and shot her there like three times over a couple of days. This was taken in her house. She was big into all the pot stuff. She was also the first girl I shot for my pot smoking series, Killer Shot. I sold a ton of them. Almost the whole edition is gone.

How many girls are on drugs when you shoot them?
I don’t know. This girl was on all kinds of pain meds. She had an upset stomach so she was on codeine and shit while I was shooting her. What you can’t tell from this photo is that it was about 105 degrees in that stupid house. Summer in South Carolina. But she had tons of pot. I thought it was funny, her ambition to be a pothead and have a headshot.

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