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Question of the Day - Which Religion Is the Most Stylish?

Faith vs Faith; who has the sharpest garms?

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Religion is a fashion accessory. Bombshell! What you gonna do now? You've already read it; you can't un

stuff. Deny it if you will, but the pope is a style icon. Have you seen his red shoes? What about Ayatollah Khomeini's beard? Or Siddhartha's curves? Which religion is the most stylish? Laura, 22: Buddhism. What is so stylish about it?
Errrm, the peaceful attitude and their love of humanity. Do you think having a peaceful attitude and a love of humanity is fashionable?
Yeah I think so, I just bought a shirt that says "Hamza", too. The Arabic letter? Why?
It’s Islamic, but the whole symbolism behind it gives off good vibes.


Vanessa, 50, photographer: Oh gosh, does Buddhism count as a religion? It’s more of a philosophy, isn’t it? Religion. What makes it so stylish?
I think it’s trendy.

What makes it so trendy?
The fact that all the celebrities follow it. So celebrity endorsement = trendy religion?
Yes. What is the most unstylish religion?
I was going to say Quakers. But then again, I have just seen a wedding photographed in the Quakers style, and it was actually very hip. Dean, 22, personal trainer: Maybe the ones with the turbans and fancy dress. Do you mean the Sikhs?

You like turbans?
Yeah, that and their fancy, shiny, pointy shoes. They're allowed to carry knives.
Definitely them, then. Omahe, 23, retail: I would say Christianity. Yeah?
Yeah, definitely, because I myself am a Christian, and I think that when we dress up and we party, we bring the Christian ambience that I believe is very pleasurable and very fun-filled. OK. Are priests style icons?
Yeah, yeah I would definitely say so. They're always clean and smart. Dean, 38, homeless: I’m not a religious person but I think it would be Hindus or Sikhs, because they always look after their own and they got the temples. And they feed everyone, including the homeless. Which religion sucks?
The Christians. Do you think God is stylish?
No, he doesn’t exist.

If he does, I don’t like him at all. Religions are all lies, my mum was taken away from me when I was 14, my nan was taken away from me and so was my dad. I don’t think there is a God up there at all, it’s a load of hocus pocus. Dom, 32, personal trainer: Daoists are pretty cool, all in black with their flat caps and the long hair. Yeah, they're quite cool. They're not as well known as some other religions. Do you think it’s a shame people are missing out on their unique style?
Yeah, well we study Shaolin kung fu here, so we know all about Buddhist monks and Daoist monks.

Oh, so-rry. What religion would go best with Yves Saint Lauren and Calvin Klein?
Christianity, it’s a bit boring and gothic. I don’t really get what the hymns are about. They seem quite sad. If I was singing them everyday I would be sad, too. Plus they worship a rotting corpse on a cross. That can't help.
Yeah, that’s not very stylish. Peter, 27, actor (left) and Katie, 28, teacher. They insisted on having their picture taken like this. I know, just put the comments below the line. Katie: Something really orthodox, with cool outfits.
Peter: I think Jews are pretty stylish. It’s very similar to east London style, caps on the back of the head… are you recording this?

Peter: OK. I had a big beard recently, a cap on the back of my head and shirts that were done up and I did actually look like an Orthodox Jew.

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