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Question Of The Day

Question of the Day - Do You Give a Fuck About America?

We asked some British people in the street.

Question of the Day. It's an Independence Day special!

Apple pie. The word “freedom” applied as a prefix to literally anything. Red, white, and blue. Rich, old, white men. Really undeniably charming and charismatic but not super-effective if you think about it in the long-term Presidents. Hollywood. The American Dream. These are all things that you might associate with the United States of America, today celebrating their 236th year as an independent country, free from the clutches of hag mother Great Britain. There will be fireworks, picnics and widespread parties across God's fave nation and speeches promoting war and (anti-)religious freedom. But what does the rest of the world think? Do you even care?

Do you give a fuck about America?

Matthew, from London. VICE: Do you give a fuck about America?
Matthew: Not really, no. How come?
They’re a bunch of ignorants. Do you have many American friends?
A few. Some of them are very stupid.

What would you say to America on the anniversary of its independence?
Be more like Canada.

Lauren, from Leeds, did not want to be pictured, so here is a cute dog that we saw nearby!

What a cute dog. Do you give a fuck about America?
Lauren: Not one. What a bunch of wankers. You can print that. Anything else to add?
Fuck ‘em.


Bold words for someone who's too scared to have her photo next to them.

Daniel (right), from Romford and Megan, from Kent. Do you give a fuck about America?
Daniel: I do. I went to New York at Christmas once. We went skating in Central Park and it was lovely.
Megan: I went at Christmas as well. New York is like a fairy tale. OK, but is there anything about America that you like, other than New York?
Daniel: I’ve also been to Florida. Mike (left), from London. Do you give a fuck about America?
Mike: I do, yeah. I’ve got a big lunch planned. It’s a nice day off, really. American Independence Day means that business is generally quieter in London with dollar-denominated products and business, so I’ve got a nice, big lunch arranged. I’m looking forward to it. Great. Do you think Americans have a bit of a bad rep in the UK?
[Off-camera friend]: Nah, they’re fine. The French, on the other hand, are a bunch of arseholes. Gareth, 33, Bristol. Do you give a fuck about America?
Gareth: No. I’m not really interested. Why not?
Just what they’ve done to the planet, with the wars, etc. What would you say the average American is like?
Gullible. Marion, from London. Do you give a fuck about America?
Marion: No, I don’t care. You’re not from the Revenue office, are you? Nope. Do you have any opinions on Americans?
Well, you are one, so I can’t say. I’m actually Canadian. Paul, from London. Do you give a fuck about America?
Paul: No, I don’t. I respect it, though. I respect it. Even though tomorrow it'll be celebrating the British army's massive failure to maintain control of its colonies?
Is that what Independence Day is? I didn't even know. That says a lot about me, I guess. Seeing as though you're such an authority, what would you say a typical American is like?
Very courteous. Way more courteous than British people. Will you do anything to celebrate Independence Day now that you know what it is?
No, I won’t. I probably wouldn’t celebrate British Independence Day either, though. “British Independence Day”, guys. Previously - Is the Internet Good or Bad?