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The Issue that Suckkks

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What is the big deal with plants and animals becoming extinct? Things were coming and going billions of years before we got here.

What is the big deal with plants and animals becoming extinct? Things were coming and going billions of years before we got here. Isn’t that just the natural evolution of life?

This is different. It’s never been caused by just one species (humans) and it’s never been at such an accelerated rate. It is estimated that around 30,000 species of plants and animals are completely disappearing each year. Because all life-forms are interrelated in food chains, this has a snowball effect on all existing species. Human population growth is not estimated to taper off for about another 50 years, so food supply will continue to become a larger and larger issue for us all.


“So?” What the fuck are you talking about, “so?” Let me try to explain it on your humanocentric terms. The quality of life is better for us if we are aware of and are empathic towards other life- forms. It’s a huge part of our human evolution and cultural histories.

A human-centered environment (a city) tends to exclude other life-forms or, at best, tolerate any that do not compromise or interfere with us. Pigeons are okay as long as they don’t shit on the statues, but the mice have to die. This is the kind of mentality that leads us to ask, “What good were they?” when a species disappears. If they don’t directly benefit the human race their lives have little value. Agreed.
No, not agreed. I see value in other life-forms that has nothing to do with how they benefit us. Ecosystems function quite nicely with no humans around. Why do you assume that the birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, etc. are not all busy living just like we are? They have no less value than we do, and, like us, they are all aspects of manifested sentience that gives multiplicity and diversity to our world. But we’re smarter.
Human intelligence is another narrow way to compare us with other life- forms that are totally different. A Mensa member is more intelligent than a retard with an IQ of 37, but how can you compare a human to a bird? They can fly and we can invent rap music. Wow, are we ever superior. It is only our abstract reasoning ability that sets us apart from animals. If you compare us on most other abilities we are inferior to many animals. Well, let’s just stick to zoos and save one of each for posterity.
Zoos are animal prisons. Besides, they only deal with the spectacular species that people want to go and pay to look at.

Why is it instantly seen as our fault?
The extinction of other life-forms is directly related to human population growth and the resultant human domination of the natural world. But there’s plenty of room for them to survive.
No, there isn’t. Your local park is not enough. Huge expanses of intact wilderness are necessary for many species of plants and animals to survive. Do you not realize you sound a bit gay right now?
To be against eradicating entire species of plants and animals because humans want more mini-malls is considered “gay,” is it? I’m just fucking with you.
Yes, in your pop-culture world, which has the permanence of a fart, I guess it is okay to “fuck with me.” If playing the fiddle while Rome burns to the ground keeps you sane, then go ahead. Questions about the non-city world can be sent to