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We're Launching Our New Electronic Music Site THUMP Tomorrow

It's kicking off with a never-before-seen Daft Punk interview and a Jon Hopkins video premiere.

Tomorrow, VICE will launch its brand new electronic music and culture channel, THUMP. Imagine a music channel without the constant stream of copy-and-paste news, without the sneering at what's popular while skulking in the underground, without the TL;DR takedowns written for and read exclusively by backpack nerds. Where artists can be part of the stories we tell, not just the subject of them. Where original voices, in-depth opinion pieces and immersive documentary films are the standard, not special features. That channel is THUMP.

Current electronic music and culture has turned into pretty uncharted territory; DJs are becoming multi-millionaires and the internet means the average clubber is being exposed to a world of sounds like never before. What does this mean for us? That what's popular and what's boundary-pushing don't have to be mutually exclusive any more. THUMP is the channel to reflect this, and to reflect it with a sense of humour, sharpness and passion.

For launch week, we're leading with some amazing exclusive content: a never-before-seen interview with dance legends Daft Punk from 1999; a touching first-hand account of life on the road as a touring DJ from BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac; premieres of music videos from Jon Hopkins and Erol Alkan; a first look at Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' photography fanzine; and a bunch more original, insightful content that will make you sit up and take notice.

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