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Christian Dubstep Is Kind of a Big Deal

With ecstatic build-ups and epiphanic drops, of course dubstep is perfect for Christianity!

This article was originally posted on Noisey.

Brostep, complextro, gutterwomp, smegmastep – whatever Americans are calling it these days, it’s patently clear that dubstep isn’t going to stop expanding into fresh sub-genres any time soon. Every time critics get ready to write it off as 2-step’s stillborn child, someone finds a new sound to paste over with the sweet melody of chainsaws attempting auto-fellatio, and a resurrection occurs. That sound could be literally anything: a quote from Snatch, a conversation about the dangers of mephedrone, a dude asking where his monkey went – it doesn’t matter. It’s this simple formula that makes dubstep such a rich and fertile genre. It also made it inevitable that, at some point, someone was going to add wub-wubs to The Bible.

Like poverty, famine and #CutForBieber, you might think of dubstep as something that disproves the existence of a benevolent God in our reality. But with its ecstatic build-ups, epiphanic drops, and affinity with homophobic Americans, there really isn’t any dance music sub-genre that’s more suited to Christianity. You might be able to swing a black preacher’s soulful sermon over a naughty 4-to-the-floor, but — let’s be real — house is clearly too gay for Catholics.

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