Watch Metronomy Go Renegade and Perform "16 Beat" in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

If only arriving at baggage claim was always such a thrilling experience…
25 august 2016, 11:31am

Honestly baggage claim is balls. There's a wonderful sense of freedom when you can stroll straight off a plane, bag in hand and swan out of the airport, sunglasses on. But the crew behind La Blogoteque's Take Away Shows see opportunities in every mundane space. The French filmmaker pranksters have been filming bands performing live in some of the most public, often disruptive, and sometimes random places, for the past decade. Phoenix at the foot of the Eiffel Tower! Vampire Weekend in a parking lot! Lykke Li outside San Francisco's grandiose city hall! Arcade Fire in an elevator.

Now in conjunction with Paris Aeroports, they've got Metronomy—that's Devon's own Paris-dwelling Joseph Mount—and his drumming companion Anna Prior, laying out their stall at Charles de Gaulle airport. The live set up is stripped, with the conveyor belt looping around, while choreography duo I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER (Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou), set their troupe of four dancers in glorious motion. It's all terribly chic. There are bongos. There are ankle-swinging wide-legged pants. The whole shebang Colin Solal Cardo.

"I love one-take videos and I love aeroplanes... and airports," explains Joseph Mount. "I also love it when you start something with modest expectations and they are exceeded. I've always quite fancied doing a live music video and this was never really meant to be that, but it kind of is now."

Watch below and keep your ears peeled for Cassius' remix of "16 Beat" coming out next week. BTW, did you know Metronomy released one of the best records of 2016? If not then you better deep dive into the whole damn thing here.