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The Drugs Issue

Crack Tales

Hell Rell just got out of jail for getting caught with 100 grams of crack cocaine.

Hell Rell (left) by Glynnis McDaris. JR Writer courtesy Scrilla.

Hell Rell: I just got out of jail for getting caught with 100 grams of crack cocaine. I’m a convicted felon. I have two bid numbers: 02R2050, 97R7193, you bastards. So if you want to talk about drugs, I’ll tell you how to cop the coke, cook the coke, chop the coke, bag the coke, and get rid of the coke. If you got a good connect and he got some good product, you’re going to get rich big, baby. But a lot of niggas is doing the connects dirty nowadays, like connects be sitting on all types of wild bricks and don’t be wanting to front niggas nothing because niggas don’t pay them. Plus you got Bloomberg cracking down on niggas. The streets is washed up. It’s a cop on every corner, the product ain’t what it used to be, and you got bosses with workers’ mentalities. Bottom line, there’s no way you can make a million dollars off of crack cocaine in 2005. I’m sorry, you can’t sell Hell Rell that one, man. I’m buying a whole lot of shit but I ain’t buying that one. JR Writer: When I think of drugs I think of crackheads on my motherfucking block, strung out, leaning, dozing off on the corner, coming through, a whole line of them. I was hustling when I was 12. We had the fiends going crazy; I would see them get addicted and I was loving it. By the time I was 15, that little crack money wasn’t doing it for me so I started robbing people. The crack shit was out the window. Of course I never touched any of that shit. I just keep it weed, my nigga. I don’t even do cigarettes. As far as trying other types of drugs, I be scared, man. I might pop a pill and see a fucking ghost or something, jump off a roof. My cousin was explaining the mushroom situation to me yesterday. I heard there’s mushrooms with cow shit on ‘em. That’s crazy! Niggas just be eating the shit with peanut butter. It’s a hallucinating drug so you just be seeing shit. Why would you want to be in that state of mind? Why would you want to see shit and talk to yourself? That’s not cool. I thought niggas used to take drugs to relax and calm themselves. It’s 2005 now, and niggas just want to hallucinate. Hell Rell’s Hardbody/The Streets Wanna Know and JR Writer’s Writer’s Block Pt. 2 are out now on DipSet Mixtapes. Both of them will have albums out by the end of the summer.